How to Find a Good SEO Expert – Hire a Local Seo Expert Mississauga


      Finding a good SEO expert can be one of the most important decisions for your online business. No matter how good your content is, you need Google to rank it higher amongst thousands of other businesses like yours. This is where you’ll need a good SEO expert. A good SEO expert will provide all the benefits required to build your business but a bad one can also have adverse effects on your online presence. Aggressive SEO tactics, such as blackhat SEO are always being sought after by Google. If your company has been found using one such tactic, you could receive a manual penalty from Google and often such penalties can only be resolved if you know exactly where you went wrong.

            Selecting a good SEO strategist can be a hard and tricky decision to make, but don’t worry, we are here to show you exactly how you can find your best-suited SEO expert and where to look for them. You can find best mississauga seo services at affordable prices.

Start with your own network:

Start your search with your own network of people. Not that you’ll find an expert in your group, you may but this will let you reach out to many experienced people who might know a good one. Start looking on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other social media profiles for people who are offering such services.

Local Seo Expert To Hire

          Starting posting such posts like “Hey does anyone know where to find a good SEO expert? If you have anyone particular in mind who you’d highly recommend, please let me know” and other posts like this one. Business colleagues or other people working in software houses who read the post will keep that in the back of their heads and when they come across one they’d let you know.

             Someone from your group might already work with such an expert so they’ll help you link up right off the bat. I’m not saying you should start working with them right away because someone suggested them, you should always test them before hiring, but in this way, you will have someone with a solid past and reputable work experience which is always better than hiring people you don’t know that much.

Look for them in major marketing communities:

             If you can’t find one in your own circle then the next best option is to look in major marketing communities. Start with places specially dedicated to SEO. Many sites have a good list of all the online marketing communities where you can start your search for your SEO consultant needs.

        Also, look at other places like Quora and redit, etc. Especially in places like Quora you can find pretty good and helpful people who will provide you detailed answers on your queries. The best part about places like these is that people here are open and they don’t get offended. You can tell them about all your requirements and they’d offer recommendations for your needs Also look for in other SEO forums or where there are experienced people offering their lucrative services and usually they have good portfolios which can help you look at their past work and decide if they’re the right person for the job.

Create a list of what you personally want:

           Build your consideration list and prioritize the things that matter to you. Ask yourself all sorts of questions and make a list. What background do you want? Do you want someone who’s worked with specific types of agencies in the past or someone who has over 2 or 3 years of experience? Some people prefer a college degree while others demand more past work experiences.

         You may also want to consider their Geographical location, whether they live in your country or some other place on the planet? This rarely matters that much but to some people, it might, because people want to meet in person sometimes to get things started but still meeting in person may not be that important to everyone.

       Can you work from home? You also need to consider if you want a group/agency or a single man/woman to do the job. Their time and availability; can they work Part-time or Full-time? How much price should they demand? etc.

        And other such sorts of questions about their skills. This will make it clear to you about the kind of person you want and who you should look for, making your search more effective.

Make a shortlist of your SEOs and start testing them:

             After you’re done looking and you’ve found 3 or 4 good SEOs, it’s time to narrow things down. Even if you’re sure you’ve found the right person it’s always best to talk with others, in this way you can get a perspective so you can weigh the pros and cons more effectively.

              Ask for their past projects and see for yourself if they’ve achieved rankings in them or not. Their past works will show you their authenticity more than their words ever will. Get references by demanding which companies or organizations they’ve worked in the past with. Try if you can to get in touch with them so you can know all the things that are going on.

               Inquire about some specific project-related details, tell them what you’re trying to achieve, the rankings you want and the audience you’ll be working with. The kind of visibility you’re looking for.

               Ask some generic SEO questions, see if they seem knowledgeable or not.

      You must test the waters by asking them about what type of strategies will they be using for ranking. SEO is naturally a slow process, it takes weeks even months to get results. You must be very careful about any Black-Hat SEO techniques or other “Get results fast” techniques that they may be offering. A good SEO expert will always follow Google’s rules making sure they don’t break any laws because they know eventually Google will catch them and this will result badly for your business. Your SEO expert should clear the fact that they will not use any underhanded techniques to get your rankings, a good SEO expert will always work by Google’s standards.

            Also, ask them for any social media accounts, they may seem knowledgeable in emails but they might turn out to be rude or offensive in real-life social media accounts. This can give you an overview of the personality of the person you’ll be working with. It’s ok to ignore a few things because no one’s perfect but if you see something that gives red flags you can always consider other options.

          Last but not least negotiate the pricing and make sure if there aren’t any hidden charges. Clear out any misconceptions so you maintain a good client employer relationship.


          Finding and employing a good SEO expert will work wonders for your online business. It can seem a bit complex at first and it can take some time finding the right guy for you, which is normal but if you acknowledge the strategies stated above, it will make your decisions a lot easier and a whole lot accurate too, keeping these things in mind start your search for your SEO expert so you can sustain a successful online presence.